In 2006 Integrated Livelihood Program was started with the startup donation from Salvation Army for making needy families self-reliant in their livelihood, health and education. This program  was further extended with the donations of Leonard Cheshire and USAID small grant for disability component and ERRA for Water and Sanitation component. The IHQ IES officer of Salvation Army in Mansehra has visited groups where the initial work was done in 1991, then again different improvements made in 1997 and during independent conversations he was fully convinced of the sustained benefits achieved and truthful answers received from a group of mainly farmers.  Health has improved and smallpox and polio have been eradicated; school attendances are consistently higher-and teachers now actually come to the school; crop yield has improved and some diseases have been stopped; the village men now harvest as a commune and market their surplus grain (that never was previously achieved) by better bargaining with grain agents.  Women are now in charge of a new venture in root crops grown near the homes and where chickens and additional income generation is adding to the overall wealth creation.  Plantations of trees were seen where the ground is being saved from rain and erosion loss.  Savings are now a norm and weddings and funerals no longer an occasion for borrowing money at high interest rates, that previously caused land to be forfeited when re-payment was not possible.  INSAN remains with these villages and in the village visited at Chikea in U.C. Datta, Tehsil Mansehra, they now save for irrigation and a tractor to hire during harvesting and sloughing, and future plans for new middle schools for their boys and girls.


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Donate us to help needy families for solving livelihood problem through:
  1. Training in farming related skills including marketing of farm products.
  2. Training in construction related skills including marketing of construction services.
  3. Training in self-made clothing skills including marketing of self-made clothing.
  4. Financial capacity building through microfinace facilitation.




Help us to help needy families for solving their health, education and livelihood problems.


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