Creative people are perhaps less than 20 % of total population. But they work for the life of all humans including children, elders and even for those who abuse them. We believe that universities should not act as business corporations which just give passport to 'abusers' in the shape of bureaucrats, politicians and corporate managers for maintaining abusive economic system. Universities should produce creativity instead of producing an upper middle 'psycho' class who pollutes environment through 'conspicuous consumption' and further results in a lower middle 'psycho' class who commit crimes in response to compete with upper middle class.
There is another type of education which is based on learning by doing instead of class-room teaching of unrelated and sometime unrealistic curriculum. Education through work is realistic and relevant education which not only can give fair chance to creativity but also can eliminate upper middle and lower middle 'psycho' classes. Full implementation of this type of education system can remove class conflict, pollution and crime from society.


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    Mainstreaming of transgenders and people with disabilities is possible through realistic functional education of these deprived categories of people like normal people. For this purpose INSAN motives them to join schools and training institution with normal peoples. INSAN also built awareness in normal students to treat them like normal human being. INSAN is trying to convince government to formulate polices to mainstream them and commercial businesses to induct them in their organizations to do productive jobs. 



Help us to help needy families for solving their health, education and livelihood problems.


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